Reviews, y'all.

From AUTOreverse #5

Inca Eyeball - Quattro Symbolos CD:
"Why this? 99 songs; yes, obviously it means they are nearly all about 30 seconds long, except a 20-minute one; but still, they are TOO long. Imagine. The typical "click-clack" of the old tape recorders links together 99 irritating little ditties, mostly done with plinky banjo-like guitar and a very grating voice bawling nonsense. Why this?" - Paola Sorrentino (Does her first name sound like "Payola" I wonder?)

A quick analysis of the Inca LP by a member of the ECSC (European Collector Scum Community), who was charging 23 Euros (approximately $22 before shipping) for the album...p.s., it's still in print (and not "private press." The cover very clearly states it was released by Carbureator/Fusetron)!

"INCA EYEBALL, He Has A Brain The Size Of A 50p Piece (USA/unknown private)
A better name was probably Inca Oddball. 117 "songs" crammed onto 1 LP, yes you read that correctly: one hundred and seventeen. Art can't be stopped the liner notes claim and who am I to disbelieve that. MOST ENGAGING throughout!! Something like PSYCHIC TV plays folk-rock while listening to RED KRAYOLA."

Like that? More to come!