Where you gonna buy this rubbish?

Well, Inca product is drying up for the most part, but you can still find a few rural outposts that will be happy to send you on your way with 86 or more songs. Sing praise!

Best source of all would be going to the ol' horses themselves.

Phil, the "former teenage Black Flag fan" member of Inca Eyeball, ran Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers (R.I.P.), and has just launched Memoirs of an Aesthete, a new CDR label, so far mostly dedicated to new Ashtray Navigations recordings. Email him at ashtraynavigations@hotmail.com. He might still have some leftover 7"s to hand off to you.

Joincey, the reluctant member of Inca Eyeball, also has a tape label called Face Like A Smacked Arse (great name, Joy!). FLASA has released Inca Eyeball's Your Nose Controls You cs, it costs 1.50 plus appropriate shipping (make it at least 3.20 just to make sure). He might also have some copies left of the Inca CD (5.00 plus shipping according to the latest catalog). Joince also has tons of other releases by assorted Stoke-on-Trent stars and assorted bent-spine types from around the world.

Kylie Productions (http://www.kylieproductions.com) still has copies of the "Quattro Symbolos" CD for the low low price of 3.

Over in the states, Little Brother Records (http://www.littlebrotherrecords.com) used to be a huge supplier of Inca merchandies, but like anywhere else, the supply is dwindling. They do still have a few rare tapes in stock, plus assorted other items.

Snow Over Interstate 80 cs
King of All Cigarette Horses cs
One Pound Fifty cs
"I've Just Come In Off the Boat" 7"
Quattros Symbolos CD

Make sure you write first, as many of these items are of the "one copy left" variety. Chop chop!

Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club sells the compilation "Blackbean's Dirty Little Secret," featuring an exclusive live track from Inca Eyeball, titled "Woodbines (Live)." Check out their web site at http://blackbean.tk/

Spirit of Orr now has a website! The "Quattro Symbolos" CD is listed as still in print, so go check out their site and ask them nice! http://www.spiritoforr.com/. Amazingly, Amazon.com also has copies for sale!