Non-ironic, non-Crass Cover non-band

"The worst record ever made." - Richard Youngs, in reference to Inca's "I've Just Come From Off The Boat" 7"

"That's pretty good...I see what you mean about the Minutemen thing." - Geoff Guy, after hearing same 7"

"So, not to dump on this, I mean, you obviously bought this for a reason, but...I have tapes and tapes of stuff like this I've recorded at this music?" - Timm Johnson

"What's this? Oh, bwahahahahahaha!" - Jason Schultz, on seeing the title of the Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude cassette

"I hear you do Inca Eyeball impressions...that's my girlfriend's favorite hobby!" - Patrick Marley

Programmed under the influence of Nutella, Vegemite and assorted shellfish by Chris Sienko

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