Many talented musicians have come and gone through Inca Eyeball. Here is as complete a list as we have been able to cobble together.

Snow Over Interstate 80
"All Inca expositions and excursions exposed + expounded upon with voice and guitar (mostly 23-san) + sounds of the dogsbowl + whistle (mostly Anton). Thanks to Neil (skulls, studio), Simon (amp), etc. etc."

King of All Cigarette Horses
"Finicky Finger and Bloated Bic Baglings by
* Tiddles The Tinpantosser (42) &
* Alfonse The Addled Anal Adjuster (24)"

One Pound Fifty
* Dole Queue Rocker - flute, surps, voice and mongo
* McGuiness Flint Mint Mitt - wind-up toys, jaffa & spit"

Your Nose Controls You
"All Harmelodies released from pretentious gaol via the magickal arte ov improvisationne by
* Aunt Knee and
* Conksize 23."

Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude
"Incability To Play -->
* ALICE COPPER (hated guitar/keyboard) +
* HENRY MUDD (inca beat).
One can't play and sing at the same time, but at least has the decency to try. The other can't sing and play at the same time, but at least has the decency not to try."

Worthless Fucking Cup and Pointless Fucking Saucer
"Performed for Malpractice on various mid-1995 days. It was the work of two cooks who attempted to ignite the public with their spoilt broth.
* Cook 1: Bugs Berry-Brown (swing feel, bobbing/throbbing/cigars)
* Cook 2: Blue Mansinger (panpipe organ)"

Our Mothers And Fathers Taught Us Right From Wrong
"Inca Stumps For I.P.P.:
* Joy Jagger - ?
* Ringo Haircut - ?"

Inca Eyeball Split Up!
* Vocals: Tico
* Vocals: Nana VascontolÚ-T´c

Mommy Drank Me Under The Table
*Hulu - grunge pedal
*Malik - all other instruments (that is Inca Eyeball)

"I've Just Come In Off The Boat"
Not listed

"Leave The Country"
"Inca Eyeball is, as always:
* Salaam Rashied Yamamoto Singh - Sarinda, stale dreams and mystic melodies
* Udo Ngobi Elise Von Nboko - Hammond organ and chipped Candlemass mug

He Has Brain The Size of a Fifty Pence Piece
* Neil Davies - vocals
* Andrew Bennett - keyboard
also -
* bass by an eel
* vocals by a doctor (steel toed ???)
* backing vocals by some ragga girls
* drums by a doctor
* Canary C. sex-boat.
Foot by...
* The side of the canal"

Beauty Spots (w/ the Stylophone Chamberpot Orgestra)
"Inca Eyeball:
* Jimmy Ying
* Bobby Yang
Stylephone Chamberpot Orgestra:
* Paddy McNally
* Lee Stokoe
* John Clyde-Evans
* David Lodge
* Ross
* Dan Bird
* + some other fellah whose name is now forgot."

Quattros Symbolos
"Inca Eyeball are:
* Clemen "Freud" Hemoroids - done some bad foot (told blue joke)
* Tame Focalist - did the beats (threw a family planning at the major)"